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2 Easy Ways to Create A Professional Invoice Template for Your Business

by Rebecca
Professional Invoice Template for Your Business

For an entrepreneur or someone who is doing business, an invoice template is quite important to have, it is such a regular, recurring part of doing business with others. The existence of an invoice plays an important role in recording what goods or services the customer has purchased. In the future, invoices can become a reference for calculating the company’s profit and loss.

In addition to containing details of the purchase, invoices are often used as a means of invoicing between sellers and buyers. The deadline required to make the payment stated in the invoice will usually be adjusted to the agreement on the purchase order.

Components of Invoice Template

Invoicing is generally done in three copies, one for the buyer, the second is kept by the seller as a billing attachment, and the third is stored in the invoice book. There is no standard format for making an invoice template, but there are several components that you must include in an invoice, as follows:

  1. The name of the customer for billing purposes
  2. Identity of the seller
  3. Invoice number
  4. List of items purchased
  5. Discounts and shipping costs (if any)
  6. Payment system.

Creating an Invoice Form Template Using a Word Processing Application

There are many ways you can get an invoice template, one of which is to make it simple using various applications that you can find on your computer. This method is in great demand because it is simple and easy to do.

One of the most commonly used applications is Ms. Word. This word processing application is quite easy to use to create invoices. The first way is to use a simple and manual method, namely by utilizing the tables feature.

The first thing you should put on your page is your company logo and full address. You can put the logo in the upper left corner, while the full address and telephone number can be put in the top right corner.

Next, you can type “Invoice” under the logo. You can position the word to the left or center according to your wishes. Below that you can write the name of the customer you are billing to do with. You can leave this name blank if you just want to create a template.

Then you can take advantage of the tables feature on the insert menu then select Table. You can adjust the number of columns and rows as you need. There you can write information such as a description, price, and others.

Another Easy Way: Microsoft Excel

Even though this application is a number processor, you can use it as an application to create an invoice template. Besides being easy because it is in the form of a worksheet (so you don’t need to make your own table), you can also easily add nominal values ​​directly using this application.

The method is not much different from using Ms. Word. You can insert the company logo into one of the cells, then write the address and phone number under the logo. You can put the invoice number and customer name right below it.

Then for the table, you can add color to the cell that contains the description, price, etc. by using the Fill Color menu located on the ToolBox. Another thing you need to pay attention to in making a template is to choose colors that look professional, such as navy blue.

Those are some easy ways you can use to create invoice templates. Although there are many other ways, both applications are considered easy to use. Invoice forms template you can create easily and are cost-effective using these applications.


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