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5 Great Tips On Writing Referral Letter for Employees

by Rebecca
5 Great Tips On Writing Referral Letter for Employees

What is the kindest present you can give to your dear colleague, former team member, acquaintance, or subordinate? Write them a personal recommendation or referral letter it is! If you are being requested to write one, make sure that you know that you know the person personally and you will only make a positive recommendation for them. A referral letter without a strong endorsement will mean nothing for a candidacy.

Unlike the other type of applications, a reference or referral letter gives the reader knowledge regarding the candidate from an external source, giving more details about his/her qualifications, skills, habits, and expertise and also a somewhat personal perspective of the candidate.  Therefore, if you are still not sure what you are going to write on a referral letter for an employee, you need to keep reading this post to find out more ideas and tips!

The Best Practices of Writing A Referral Letter for an Employee

Below are some tips and tricks for writing a well-designed referral letter for your employee.

1. Use The Right Format

A good referral letter should contain this information: the relation between you and the person you are recommending, how was the quality of their works, and why you think they are qualified for the position they are applying to.

The referral letter you are making will be in a business format, which means the letter will start with your contact information, and then continue with the date and the hiring manager’s contact information. Or, you can also start with “To whom it may concern,” to keep the letter formal. Make sure you are using formal language with correct grammar, and not using unnecessary slang words.

2. Explain The Context and Relations

In the first paragraph of your referral letter, introduce yourself and your relationship with the person you are recommending. Show that you know this person personally and you are trustable on the recommendation you give about them. Then, explain the purpose of your referral letter. Be clear by describing the position that the person you are recommending applies to the company.

3. Be Specific With Your Reasons

Rather than just telling that your friend is a good, hard-working, and diligent person, you need to tell the stories of why you are recommending the person. Tell your experience of working on the same project with the friend and what was the final result of the project.

What did the friend contribute to the project and how did you feel about working with him. Don’t forget to match your story with the position’s requirements because the purpose of telling the story is to let the hiring manager knows the real experience that the friend has been to and they can visualize the impact if they hire the person you are recommending.

4. Close The Letter With A Summary

In the last paragraph of your letter, write a brief summary of why you are recommending the person and why you think they are the best person for the position. You can also offer to provide more information about the person you are recommending through the contact you provide in the letter.

5. Don’t Forget to Put Your Contact and Signature

Last but not least, end the letter formally and put your contact for further information. An email address and/or phone number are enough to put on the letter. After that, put your signature underneath your name.

Example of Referral Letter for an Employee

In any case, you may need to spend your time to research and write a good recommendation letter or referral letter, but if you already have good things to list, this editable template is worth the try.

Referral Letter for Employee


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