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Surefire Formal Invitation Writing Tips with 1 Free Template Example

by Rebecca
Formal Invitation

If you’re looking for ideas to create a formal invitation as you are about to host a formal event, then we can suggest you continue reading this post. Writing a formal invitation may seem a little harder than writing a usual invitation. It will require a special invitation wording to give the best impression to the reader. The right invitation wording will bring desire, attracts the reader’s interest, and drives them to RSVP.

Even though the elements of writing are similar, a formal invitation shall include some additional formats to express the formality of the event. Here, we are going to explain how to write a formal invitation and show a formal invitation template for your reference. Let’s check it out! 

The Elements of Formal Invitation

The key to writing a formal invitation is to be concise about the information you put on the invitation. Everything has to be written in a brief but clearly, in a formal language and writing style. Here are the elements that you should input on your formal invitation.

1. Name of The Event Host and Invitee

The name of the event host usually is put on the top of the invitation as a header, together with the brand or company logo. Then, like the other invitations, the name of the invitee will be put on the first sentence of the invitation.

2. Date and Time of The Event

Normally, a formal invitation will have a polite expression to invite someone to the event, and then they will be continued with the date and time of the event. The date will be stated clearly from the day and date (for example Sunday, 27 December 2020), then continue with the time written in am/pm format.

3. Place and Complete Address Where The Event Will Be Held

After the date and time part is the part to explain the detailed venue of the event. Usually, it is started with the room name, the building name, and the complete address of the building. This needs to be stated clearly because usually a formal event is held at a convention building with many rooms, hence the invitee will not be confused to find the event venue.

4. Event Dresscode Detail

A formal event always has a specific dress code for certain events. Even though, if it’s not stated, the invitee would already know that they should wear formal attire. If there is a specific dress code that people need to wear to the event, for instance, a formal costume party, then it should be stated clearly on the invitation.

5. RSVP Information Detail

An RSVP is essential in any formal event. Therefore, the host should put clear information about the RSVP process for the event. Don’t forget to put the contact number of the host so if there is any problem with the RSVP or other things related to the event, the invitee knows how to reach the host.

Formal Invitation Template

Are you still wondering how to make a formal invitation? Get this formal invitation template for free only for you!

Formal Invitation

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