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How To Create A Meeting Agenda for An Effective Meeting

by Rebecca
Meeting Agenda

You have to prepare everything before starting a meeting. One of the important things is creating a meeting agenda. This agenda keeps the meeting on track as well as achieving the goals. Participants have to read the agenda, so they know what they have to discuss in the meeting. So, how to design/create an agenda effectively?


The Goals of the Meeting 

One of the purposes of creating a meeting agenda is to know the goals. That’s why you must write down the goals that the participants have to achieve after the meeting. On the other hand, you have to make sure that the goals are achievable within a few hours of meeting. It keeps the participants focus on the discussion and the way to achieve the goals.

Date, Time, and Location 

Indeed, participants must know the date, time, and location of the meeting. Sharing the meeting date and time gives enough time for participants to prepare the materials they have to bring to the meeting. They will come to the location on time because they know it.


Writing the title of the meeting is also important. Participants understand what the meeting is all about by reading the title. It is also useful to make participants prepare the materials well before going to the meeting.


Participants must know the meeting schedule besides knowing the title. The schedule on the meeting agenda including the information about time and content description. The time section explains how long a certain topic will be held or presented in the meeting. The content description section explains the topics that participants will discuss in the meeting. As a result, participants know how long the meeting is and the time they have to spend to join the meeting from the beginning to the end.

Agenda with Several Speakers

So, how to design/create a meeting agenda with several speakers? The steps are the same. One thing that you have to include on the meeting agenda is the name of the speaker. So, the schedule section will be the time, content description, and the speakers who will discuss a specific topic. It is also important to include the start time and the duration of the discussion per topic. This agenda helps not only the participants but also speakers to plan and prepare their meeting materials well based on the schedule.

Meeting Agenda Template 

It is okay to create a meeting agenda manually, but it takes time. For a faster option, you can download a meeting agenda template. There are a lot of meeting agenda templates on the internet, and you can choose based on the model that you need. Then, print the meeting agenda template and complete the points on it. Make sure that the agenda covers all the details you want to share with participants.

The last thing to do is duplicating the agenda and sharing it with the participants. Hopefully, you can run a meeting well by knowing how to design/create a meeting agenda. This knowledge is useful when you have to complete a meeting agenda template. The most important thing is that participants get the points of the meeting and try to achieve the goals.

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