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How To Write A Great Thank You Card (100% Free Template!)

by Rebecca
Thank You Letter

What is a sweeter way to say thank you other than sending a thank you letter or card to your special ones? Sending a thank you card is a very convenient way to express your gratitude to the receiver. However, some people find it difficult to write a thank you letter that sounds sweet and sincere. If you are also struggling with writing a thank you letter, read further below for the best thank you card writing tips and a free thank you card template especially for you.


How to Write Thank You Card

1. Define For Whom You Are Sending The Card

The way you are saying thank you to your family member will not be similar to the way you are thanking a colleague. The word and tone you are going to write will be different following who the receiver is. That is why you need to define who is your receiver and why you are sending him/her a thank you card.

2. State The Occasion

Start your gratitude with your greetings based on the occasion. Is it for a birthday gift, hospitality, or after someone helping you with something? By explaining the occasion, the receiver will understand what moment that they shared with you so you send them a thank you card and they can remember it dearly as a good memory.

3. Tell The Receiver Your Reason For Sending The Card

After stating the occasion, your thank you card will be sweeter and more memorable if you tell them why you are sending the thank you card. You can start by showing your feelings and your thought when the receiver gave you something or helping you with a problem. Explain your story sincerely of what your situation was and what you were thinking about the receiver’s act for you. After that, you can continue by telling them what is your plan with the gift or what you are going to do after the event.

4. End Your Card With Heart-Warming Closing

To end your thank you card, write some heart-warming closing statement that is personal to you and the card-receiver. You can go by writing an encouragement or personal wishes for the receiver. At the end of your card, don’t forget to put an appropriate signature to emphasize your relationship with the receiver.

5. Decorate Your Card Nicely

Here is the most important part. You will want your thank you card looks nice and beautiful, but also appropriate and readable for the receiver so they understand what you are meaning to say. Therefore, choose the best design for your thank you card that matches the occasion and decorate it appropriately and nicely. You can add some stickers or drawings to your thank you card. Nowadays, people also use washi tapes to make their thank you cards beautiful in an easy way.

If you are stuck or not feeling creative, you can search for ideas on Google or find a thank you card template you can download for free.


Thank You Letter / Card Template 

Are you still feeling confused about what you need to write on your thank you card? Take a look at these examples below as your reference!

Thank You Letter / Card Template for Wedding Gift

Thank You Letter Card Template for Wedding Gift

Thank You Letter / Card Template for Finishing A Project

Thank You Letter Card Template for Finishing A Project

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