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How To Write A Professional Employee Termination Letter? (100% Free Template!)

by Rebecca
Employee Termination Letter

Today we want to share with you an employee termination letter, terminating an employee is never an easy job. Nevertheless, there are always reasons to layoff someone from your company – bad performance, toxic morale, company downsizing, or not extending an employment contract. Sending an employee termination letter is necessary for a company to maintain a good reputation and show professionalism throughout any decision made. It is also to provide a legal record for both the employer and the employee.

If you are in charge of making employee termination letters, you should know that there are some important elements to put on your company’s employee termination letter. The following tips and basic employee termination templates will help you to write employee termination letters for various reasons.

Employee Termination Letter

How To Write An Employee Termination Letter

An employee termination letter should cover all information about the termination and also terms and conditions that need to be taken care of by both employer and employee. Here are some key elements you need to put on your employee termination letter.

Address Who Is Going To Be Terminated

The first element to put on the letter is the name and position of the employee that will be terminated. Type the name and position of the employee correctly hence no misunderstanding will happen in the future.

State The Last Working Date

The second element is to state the effective date of the termination decision and the last working date of the terminated employee. This will help the employee to prepare for the dismissal and to clarify any potential confusion regarding the employee’s working period.

Explain The Reason for The Termination

This is the most important part of your termination letter. You shouldn’t leave the employee hanging with confusion about the sudden termination. Explain the reason clearly and accurately. You can also add evidence if the reason for termination is related to their bad performance or attitude in the office.

Point Out The Terms and Conditions The Employee Needs to Take Care Of

If there is an employment agreement that was settled on the first contract between the employer and the employee, you need to clarify that on the termination letter too. Point out if there are any reimbursement and additional vacation leave that the employee needs to claim before the termination date, or any company properties that need to be returned.

Clarify The Benefits for Terminated Employee

Lastly, clarify the benefits that the terminated employee will get once their employment is over. Usually, this will be about severance pay or bonus that will be calculated or paid separately from their last paycheck.

Employee Termination Template

Check out our employee termination template below for your own reference!


[Date Letter is Drafted]


[Employee Name],


This letter is to inform you that your employment with [Company Name] will end by [Date of Termination].


The reason for your termination is as stated below:

[Reason for Termination and The Evidence].


This decision is unfortunately not reversible.


Below are the terms and conditions that will affect your termination:

Following your termination date, you will receive [Detail of Compensation, Severance Pay, and Bonus].


The employee benefits of [Employee Benefits] will [Explanation of What Will Happen with The Benefits].


You are also requested to return [Company Property] and sign [Any Agreement That Needs To Be Signed Before Termination].


If you have any questions about the benefits, property return, or the documents that need to be signed, please contact [Contact Person’s Name] on [Contact Info]


We are really sorry for this decision and wish you good luck in your future endeavors.


Sincerely, [Name of Person In Charge]

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