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How To Write A Professional Resignation Letter to Your Employer

by Rebecca
How to Write A Nice Resignation Letter to Your Employer

If you are an employee, then you must know how to write a resignation letter. Resigning from work is the right of every employee. Many factors cause an employee to decide to resign. These factors can come from the employee himself or from factors in the work environment.

Internal factors include getting married, getting other job offers, wanting to become entrepreneurs, and other personal reasons. Meanwhile, work environment factors can include workload, boredom, and others.

Whatever the reason, the resignation should be done properly and in accordance with the applicable procedures in the company concerned. Requirements in the form of a letter of resignation must also be prepared as legal evidence that must be submitted within a certain time. Before making it, it’s a good idea for an employee to take the following steps.

Considerations in Making a Resignation Letter

Before deciding to make a letter of resignation, it is better to convey this wish to your superior. But before that, make sure you have clear reasons and goals for why you are leaving. Make sure you reopen the work contract that was signed at the beginning of the working period.

Checking the employment contract is very important to ascertain what conditions are needed for resignation. This is because usually there are special conditions such as the period of time when you can resign from the company.

Deciding when to resign from work also cannot be at will. Companies usually have rules about the period of time for notification or entry of resignation letter with time off work. Letters in the company are official, so they cannot be written carelessly.

Likewise, the letter of resignation must be asked to the HRD department about the guidelines and format. Although there are common formats that can be found on the internet, checking with HRD is the most appropriate thing.

Steps to Write a Good and Correct Letter of Resignation

Because it is formal evidence, the contents of the letter must be formal. Make sure the message in the letter is straightforward. This letter is usually submitted to the HRD or directly to the superior depending on the policies of each company.

In your resignation letter, you must explain clear reasons that make you have to resign. Give good reasons without criticizing or demeaning the company. It is also important to know what to include in your letter of resignation. There are several important things that you must include:

  1. The date the letter was made
  2. Purpose of the letter (such as the boss or HRD)
  3. Greetings
  4. Date of resignation
  5. Full name
  6. Position
  7. Employment number
  8. Acknowledgments and apologies
  9. Final greetings
  10. Signature and light name.

An equally important way to make a letter of resignation from the company is the use of language. In writing your letter, you must use standard, formal language. This will make the letter look more formal and professional.

You also need to write using sentences that are straightforward, effective, and easy to understand. This allows the company to understand clearly your reasons to resign. In addition, in this way, your letter will look more professional and serious. Writing a resignation letter cannot be done carelessly and one must pay attention to the rules.

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