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Making An Effective Appraisal Template: Tutorial and Example

by Rebecca
Effective Appraisal Template

Appraisal template, or what we also call performance review, may sound like a spine-tingling experience for employees, yet it is a necessary thing to do periodically by any kind of company.

The main purpose of doing an appraisal review is to hold acknowledge employee’s achievements and find out any weaknesses that need to be improved, and how the manager or the company can help them. This is essential for any company to make sure that their employees are doing well and well-driven for professional growth in the company.

To conduct an appraisal that is effective, it is important that the aspects being reviewed are objective and have positive solutions for improvements. Here, we are giving you an appraisal template tutorial to help you have a more communicative and less frightening appraisal meeting with your employee.

How To Design An Appraisal Template

Set The Objective and The Timeline

There are several types of appraisal: Self-Appraisal, 360-Degree Appraisal, Shorter-Cycle Performance Review, and Management By Objectives (MBO). Each kind of appraisal has its own objective and timeline to hold it. Set one or two kinds of appraisals that are most suitable for your company’s employment goal.

Put Details About Appraisal Meeting Information

Now is time to make an actual appraisal template. On your report, put a form of all necessary details that you need from an appraisal meeting: the name of the employee, the name of the manager or supervisor that makes the review, employee ID, job title, and the review period. You only need to put necessary detail that gives information about the employee you are assessing so it won’t be mixed up with other employee’s result or with different period.

Make A Standardized Rating System

Under the Appraisal Information, put the standardized assessment that you want to review about your employees. It can be based on the company’s ethics, target-based assessment, or both. The rating system can be a range from “poor” to “excellent” or number-based, for example, 1-to-5 or 0%-100% score range. Don’t forget to put a section for comments from the manager/supervisor so any adjustments about the performance can be explained in detail.

Put A Section for Feedback

To make sure that your appraisal achieves the goals of appreciating the performance and seeking improvement, you need to put a section for feedback on the appraisal result. In this section, the manager can write the overall result of the appraisal meeting. It can be an encouraging comment about the employee’s performance, disciplinary acts for any compliance, any area of improvement that needs to be fulfilled by the employee, or suggestions for the company based on the appraisal result. Through this section, the appraisal will remain neutral, positive, and have a sense of growth.

Put A Space for Acknowledgement

Last but not least, put a space where both employee and the supervisor can acknowledge and confirm that the meeting result is valid and well-discussed between both parties. Usually, the acknowledgment will be signatures of the employee and the manager/supervisor on the very bottom part of the appraisal template.

Printable Appraisal Template

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