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3 Important Things to Write on Birthday Invitation? (Free Word Template!)

by Rebecca
Birthday Invitation Card

It’s time for a celebration! It’s time to write a birthday invitation.

Birthday is a big celebration because you can only celebrate it every once a year. It’s undeniable that for some people, a birthday celebration is a special event that they would want to spend at a party with their family and closest friends. Even parents always try to throw the best birthday party for their children, and best friends will always be happy to make a surprise celebration for each other.

If you are going to throw the best birthday party of the year, never forget the most important aspect that will attract people to come: the birthday invite! If you are wondering if there is any word template to invite someone to a birthday party, here we have some ideas and a free birthday invitation template word just for you.


Information to Put on A Birthday Invitation

Mind The Occasion Theme

The first thing that is important in designing a birthday invitation is to decide the theme of the occasion. Is this a fun birthday party for children, or a surprise birthday party for a best friend? Is this a formal or informal party? The different occasions will have different themes and wordings on the invite. So if you already know what kind of birthday party it is, you can continue to the second important point of a birthday invite word.

The 5W Formula

Any kind of invitation should cover all of this information: what, who, why, when, and where. Here are the details of each element:

  • What is the event of the invitation?
  • Who is the host of the event? Who is going to come to the party?
  • Why you are inviting this person?
  • When is the event will be held?
  • Where is the event will be held?


All these points will help you to arrange your wordings for a birthday invite. You can tell a specific reason or information that needs to be informed based on those points on your birthday invitation.

The Importance of Additional Information

Additional information on a birthday invitation can be about RSVP information, dress code, location map, information about surprise, or any instructions for the invitees to do on the party. Make sure that this additional information can be seen clearly on your invite so the invitees can follow the right instructions and your party will be perfectly amazing without any troubles.


Birthday Invitation Template Word

As mentioned above, different occasion’s theme will have different wording on the invite. Let’s take a look at several templates below as an example!

Kids Birthday Invitation Template

This is just a preview of the kid’s birthday invitation templates we have in mind. You can modify the wording or add some decorations that will grab children’s attention and drive them to come to the celebration.



Kids Birthday Invitation Template Word

Formal Adult Birthday Party Invitation Template

The following sample is for adults, if you’re planning something last minute or weeks in advance, this free printable birthday party invitation will ease your party-planning efforts.

Formal Adult Birthday Party Invitation Template Word

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